What We Do

Our extensive experience along with the best team of professionals allows us to customize each project, providing maximum client satisfaction and ensuring the delivery time tailored to the needs of the client. We carry out all types of procedures, projects approved for major and minor construction, work licenses, statements of responsibility in the local governments, measuring states, base and executive plans, 3D projections, handling of administrative procedures with the local governments, Technical Inspection of Buildings, structure calculation, etc.

Renovations of systems

All types of renovation of water, gas, air conditioning, electricity, telecommunication and solar systems adapted to the current regulations.

Facades and common areas (stairs, patios, decks, etc.)

We’ve worked on many types of facades, from listed to conventional, interior patios, downspouts, elevators pits, stairways, all types of decks, etc.

Multifamily Housing Construction

Construction of buildings for investment in all phases of implementation.

Maintenance of businesses, workplaces and industrial buildings

We perform various actions and maintenance for businesses.

Refurbishing of building facades

Som-hi construcciones y reformas has an extensive experience in refurbishing facades. We conduct a study and implement it on the construction site. We refurbish facades, decks, courtyards, etc. We handle the entire project.

Renovation of bathrooms

Restrooms, taps, bathtubs, shower trays, hydromassage columns, bathrooms adjustment for handicapped, etc. We take care of the whole remodeling process in your bathroom adapting to your needs. We do all kinds of bathroom remodeling, from simple and functional bathrooms to designer high quality bathrooms.

Single-family construction / chalets

We have technicians with many years of experience in the execution of single-family houses, luxury chalets, etc.

Refurbishing of buildings in all its facets

Som-hi specializes in refurbishing of buildings in poor condition (foundations, structural reinforcements, shoring systems, etc.), including the finishes.

Passive subdivision

We have many years of experience in the field of passive fire prevention subdivision for legalization.

Space conditioning in hotels, supermarkets, industrial buildings, offices and shops

We currently have orders for improvement of spaces for new uses.