Our services are comprehensive, being our responsibility, including, but not limited to: selection and contracting on our own behalf of all the technicians that might be necessary for development of the works and the corresponding technical projects, the application on behalf of the Property for all the licenses, permits and authorizations that might be necessary for the execution of the project and the subsequent use of the asset.

Execution and direct management of the Asset construction within the committed timetables, control of the costs and quality of the materials, replacement of sidewalks or any other elements related to urbanization of the estates that may be affected by the works.

Processing and obtaining of any memberships and sign-ups, provisional and definitive, for all types of services and supplies. Or completion of the works and delivery of the

Asset to the property with the licenses necessary for its use (including the licenses of first occupation or equivalent of the resulting units) and in perfect conditions of completion, finishing and operation. We are a company with extensive experience and recognized prestige in promotion and construction of real estate, in particular in the execution of projects of promotion and construction of assets, assuming functions of delegated promoter in programming, development and execution of such projects.

Our functions as delegated promoter include all the work required for the design, processing of licenses and permits and performing the registration of the completed new work.

We carry out the basic and execution projects necessary to develop the client’s needs program, together with any modifications that may be necessary, or could be negotiated by the parties regarding the works, according to the contract signed.

Health and Safety Study.

Any technical project (i.e. facilities project, etc) that may be necessary for the proper execution of the promotion.

We present the corresponding technical projects in the corresponding city council, along with the corresponding letters or license application forms.

Preparation of guarantees that may be required by the city council to grant any licenses or permits, as of the signing of the present contract.

Supervision of work execution, the tasks carried out by the delegated promoter:

  • Supervision and control of work execution.
  • Work coordination between different contractors and subcontractors, general technical control entity for all the parties involved in work execution.
  • Control of orders and quality of materials and supplies.
  • Organization and attendance of regular meetings between contractors, subcontractors and construction management, drafting meeting minutes.
  • Control of work execution and variations in the projects.
  • Control of compliance with the schedule of planned works and its update, in order to ensure work execution with the expected cost, timing and quality.
  • Cleaning and clearing of construction sites, with total removal of all the materials, scaffolding, machines and other items that could be found on the site.
  • Coordination of asset inspection visits.
  • Accompany the buyers of the resulting units in the visits required by the property.
  • Detection and rectifying of possible defects and acceptance of finished works.
  • The delegated promoter expressly assumes the obligation to ensure strict compliance with occupational health and safety legal requirements, particularly in relation to the health and safety study and plan to be approved, without entailing any increased cost to the Property.